Corrado Giustozzi

Computer scientist, born in Rome in 1959. In 1979 he began collaborating with the first Italian computer magazine, and in 1986 he belongs the group who designs and develops the first electronic conferences system in Italy, MC-link, which in 1990 will become one of the first Italian Internet Service Providers.

His professional interest for networks, data and system security stems from all that pre-Internet activity. In 2000 he left journalism to become a full-time cybersecurity consultant for companies, law enforcement agencies, institutions and organizations.

Nevertheless, he's still engaged in an intense divulgative activity, other than several academical and post-academical chairs, on the same topics. Since 2010 he's one of the 20 experts who design the strategies of Agenzia dell'Unione Europea per la Sicurezza delle Reti e dell'Informazione (ENISA - European Union Agency for Network and Information Security), and since 2016 he's in charge of developing a structure of the Italian Government to provide the cybersecurity of Public Administration (CERT-PA).