Franca Tecchio

Born in Milan, she later moved to Rome. During the University years, the Roman way to physics enchanted her, both by introducing her to neural networks with mechanical statistics, and surrounding her with a friendly, fatalist humanity, so different from Milan's grumpy, work-obsessed approach to life she came from. With magneto- and electro-encefalography (MEG, EEG) and non invasive neuromodulation (affecting neuronal electrical activity) techniques, the lab she coordinates develops methods for analizing cerebral complexity, and targeted therapies.

Among the 10 most active Italian researchers in Clinical Neurology on Public Health (2003), in 2016 she wrote on an Italian magazine (Venerdì di Repubblica) about an effective personalized neuromodulation against fatigue in multiple sclerosis. Graduated in Physics, she's CNR's First Researcher, PI of 32 funded projects, Peer-Reviewer for  25 international magazines, Expert assessor of 15 european funding applications (including 1 ERC), Associated Editor of Restorative Neurology and Neuroscience, Chairwoman in 10 (and speaker in 31) international congresses and in 14 meetings for European projects.