Born in Rome, April 1, 1973, Ing. Gianpaolo ZAMBONINI earned a degree in Electronic Engineering, Microelectronics address, at the University of Roma Tre and a Master's Degree in Management of Public Security at the University Federico II in Naples.
He enlisted in the State Police from November 1992 to December 2002 with the rank of Agent, serving in various offices.
From August 2003 to September 2012, as a Main Technical Director he headed the Investigations Dept. of the Scientific Police Service Electronics at the Department of Public Security of the Interior Ministry.
Over time, he became a forensic expert in the field of interception, analysis of the human voice, location development, analysis of mobile phones and image processing.

All that helped him in coordinating technical and forensic activities in several nationally important research aimed at fighting all types of crime and arresting dangerous fugitives and murderers.

He was promoted First Executive Engineer of the State Police in 2012, and subsequently assumed his current position as Director of Division IV of the Scientific Police Service, Department of the Ministry of Public Security.
As part of this assignment, as well as maintaining the coordination of the Electronic Investigations Section, it has acquired further forensic skills in both chemistry and ballistics  techniques.

For his achievements in the professional activity and the criminal police investigations, he has received numerous awards (cd. Awards) by the Interior Ministry. Throughout his career he wrote papers, held several lectures, carried out projects and introduced new working methods.