A life of commitment for preservation and appreciation of Isole Pelagie (Pelagian Islands), Giusi Nicolini has worked on several studies and documents on environmental protection, including a "Proposal for the Institution of the Natural Reserve of Isola dei Conigli (Island of Rabbits)".

She also co-authored the "Action Plan to fight Desertification" in Lampedusa's Municipality, an "Action Plan for conservation of Caretta caretta sea turtle in Pelagian islands", a "Strategic Plan for Sustainable Development in Pelagian Islands" and a Pelagian Islands'
management plan.

She held a number of workshops for studying and protecting sea turtles and curated the "Little Islands" projects on bird migration in Mediterranean Basin, coordinated by the Italian Wildlife National Institution.

Between 1983-1988 she's been deputy major, with delegation to the Environment, in Municipality of Lampedusa and Linosa; in recent years she has gained extensive experience in managing small islands and protected natural areas, and participating in international seminars organized by UNESCO as part of the MAB-Man and the Biosphere project.

She also joined (1992-1995) Science Province Council of Reserves and Natural Heritage of Regional Province of Agrigento.

Since 1996, as head of "Island of Lampedusa" Natural Reserve, she promoted and coordinated a number of policies for environmental protection, scientific and naturalistic appreciation, environmental recovery and rehabilitation, promotion of the area.

She co-edited several journals and magazines: "L'Isola di Calipso (The Island of Calypso)" on eco-compatible development of Lampedusan island; "Ambiente duemila (Environment 2000)" (ISPE Archimede – Palermo), and co-authored texts and publications, both scientific and divulgative, on natural and cultural heritage of Pelagian Islands.

Since 2012 she's Mayor of Lampedusa and Linosa.