After a doctorate in Physics in Naples (1996), he worked at École Supérieure ESPCI in Paris, and then at London's Imperial College.

In 2000 he started his research group at “Federico II” University in Naples. In 2006, he's a professor at UK Complexity Science Centre at University of Warwick. In 2011 he came back to Italy at “Federico II” University a a teacher of Theretical Physics. He coordinates INFN's Biological Physics National Project and he's a member of several panels and international teams for research resources management, including National Research Agency (ANR) of French Ministry of Research, and NIH's (National Institute of Health) 4D Nucleome consortium in the US.

His research group works in particular, in the field of Physics of Complex Systems and its applications to Molecular Biology , genome's modulation and organization, combining physical models, computer simulations and genomic data analysis. He published about 130 international scientific articles, quoted thousands of times in others. He's been invited to lectures and seminars all around the world, from Cambridge to Berlin, Harvard, Kyoto, Canberra.