Professor of Political Economy at the University of Udine and Sydney University, Australia, she focuses on business internationalization processes and the effects of globalization.

A fond supporter of multidisciplinary research, she co-published with Claudio Tuniz Humans.

An unauthorized biography, Springer 2016. This book narrates the fortuitous story of several human species who lived on this planet together and before us, in an era when - together with myths, religions, arts and music - our communication skills also brought along private wealth, inequality and organized violence.

With work division and the rise of increasingly wide and connected human networks, so far we've generated a virtuous cycle between brain abilities, culture and environment.

But it might also bt the case that, with all those new information technologies, driven by purely economic forces, this process grinds to a halt, increasing our sapiens-ness as a species, but also reducing our cognitive and empathic abilities, as social individuals.